Dance and poetry are both forms of artistic expression that can communicate emotions, stories, and ideas through creative movements and language. While they differ in their primary modes of expression, dance uses physical movement, and poetry uses written or spoken words, they share a fundamental similarity in their ability to convey meaning beyond literal interpretation. Both art forms also require a deep understanding of rhythm, timing, and composition to create a cohesive and impactful performance. Dance and poetry also have the power to evoke strong emotions in the audience, whether through the grace and fluidity of a dance or the imagery and language of a poem. Ultimately, while they may differ in their medium of expression, dance, and poetry share a common goal of creating a powerful and meaningful experience for the audience.
‘Poerty In Motion’ is a performance where poems in different languages are expressed through Indian classical dances. The combination creates a rich tapestry of cultural expression. The dancers use their movements to bring the words of the poetry to life, expressing the emotions and themes through their gestures and expressions. We present a bouquet of choreographies in Indian Classical Dance forms of Kathak, Bharatnatyam, and Odissi based on the works of Hungarian poets Vorosmarty Mihaly & János Sziveri, American writer Maya Angelou, Uzbek poet Hāfiz-i Khorazmī, and Indian writers Jayadeva, Vallabhacharya, Amir Khusrow.
This performance is a celebration of the diversity of human expression and a tribute to the power of art to unite people across cultures and languages as Saumya collaborates with her artist friends from Hungary who are all dedicated artists of Indian art forms.
Saumya Shukla lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and is an artist & teacher of the North Indian Classical Dance – Kathak and a student of Kathak Exponent Alaknanda Kathak.
Performance duration: 90 minutes
Concept : Saumya Shukla
Dancers: Saumya Shukla (Kathak Dance), Panni Somi (Bharatnatyam Dance) , Virag Turi (Odissi Dance)
Vocals : Katalin Burns, Antónia Zboray & Anna Szabo
Music: Szabi Toth (Sitar), Katalin Burns (Flute)
Standard ticket: HUF 3,500.
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