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Word music, Hungarian folk music

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Melodies inspired by the East, Hungarian folk and hints of old rituals meet in my musical experiments, forming a dialogue between traditional songs and tunes born in the moment.
Starting from my Hungarian folk roots, I have come a long way studying the incredibly rich vocal techniques of the East, mingling them with archaic European singing styles and Hungarian folk melodies. On my first trips to Pakistan and India I was introduced to the world of improvisation, and my performing style – both as a singer and a flutist – has greatly been influenced by the Orient.




Kati Burns Ntett


Kati Burns’ mystical acoustic concerts

Here’s what

people have said about my music

“I am used to more classical versions, but this is beautiful, your singing and your playing are both very nice, congratulations! I would love to hear more.”

Linet Saul

opera singer, Turkey

“How did you surpass the language barrier? I can see you’re multilingual. Aseen Marhun Lar jaa is sung beautifully by you!”

Fatma Khalil

Runway Pakistan

“Burns has done just enough to get the message across. Although alien to her own ethnic particularities, she sings the tune almost like a prayer, a voice that comes from within.”

The Express Tribune