Katalin Burns

Katalin Burns

vocalist/flutist/world music composer

“The deeper you dive into this music, the more you let yourself be impressed while listening, the more you get the reality content of it all. Because it suddenly whirls you around and pulls you under like a devious Tisza undertow: it’s pointless to sneak around it or fight it.”
– Riff, on the Visiting the Sun’s Sister project

“Although alien to her own ethnic particularities, she sings the tune almost like a prayer, a voice that comes from within.”
– The Express Tribune, Karachi

Out of her rich repertoire of Hungarian folk tunes and under the influence of various Asian musical traditions, Budapest-based vocalist/flutist Katalin Burns builds her sound on archaic vocals and instrumental dialogues. Her fusion of North and South Asian singing techniques merged with authentic Hungarian folk and flute has become her most important feature. She considers herself a lifelong student of vocal traditions and languages.
Napnak a húgánál

Visiting the Sun’s Sister

Her present project, Visiting the Sun’s Sister is a ritual album based on Hungarian folk music. Its soundscape features instruments from the Middle East and West-Bengal together with Hungarian flutes and dramatic archaic vocals. Participating musicians are Vajk Kobza, Gábor Clemente, Iván Barvich and Bettina Bakos.

Career landmarks

  • 2007 – Ki-Látó folk/world talent search (Fonó), bronze medal with band Hajna
  • 2011 – Featured solo vocalist on Living Village Music 17 (Hungarian folk music)
  • 2012 – Pakistan, diplomatic fusion concert organised by the Embassy of Hungary in Islamabad
  • 2013 – Release of album Madhuwanti – Live from Islamabad (Trottel Records, Hungary)
  • 2014-2019 – Performances with the Living Picture Theatre – Tara’s Shell
  • 2015 – Sindhi music collaboration with Lahooti Live Sessions (Jamshoro, Pakistan), appearance on MTV Pepsi India
  • 2017 – Lahooti Melo festival (Hyderabad, Pakistan)
  • 2017 – Artist residency programme with banglanatak dot com in Calcutta
  • 2018 – Kati Burns Ntett world music band album debut (Laalwala) at Szolnok World Music Festival
  • 2018 – Collaboration with Sivasakti Kalánanda Dance Theatre (HUN), live Carnatic Indian vocals
  • 2019 – GlobalVibes festival (Kecskemét, Hungary)
  • 2020 – Finalist at Hanghordozók contemporary music competition (poetry set to music)
  • 2020 – Indian baul music – Hungarian poetry compositions, presentation at the Valley of Arts, Hungary (Kaláka Versimpro)
  • 2022 – Album Napnak a húgánál (Visiting the Sun’s Sister) published by Fonó Records, supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary

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